Our Vision and Mission

Who we are. 
An alliance of healthcare professionals, community educators and advocates who strive to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy. We work across various institutions and agencies in the city of Ottawa and Champlain LHIN serving our patients and working toward the betterment of their health.

What we do. 
We provide specialized epilepsy care for the youngest among us to those in their golden years, ensuring smooth and seamless transitions across patients’ lifetimes. Our aim is to support patients’ journeys in a compassionate, caring and dynamic way as they navigate our social and healthcare systems for their seizures and epilepsy.

Why we matter.
We have a rich interconnectedness between our core programs that fosters innovation, collegiality and sharing of expertise through community advocacy and empowerment. Our core program leaders are distinguished, energetic and passionate about delivering the highest quality service and most outstanding care in our community, the city of Ottawa and Champlain LHIN.

Our Vision.

To be a world leader in fostering a community where collaboration between those affected by seizures and epilepsy and those that care for them empowers us all with compassion to support them in living their lives to their fullest and healthiest potential, without stigma or prejudice.

Our Mission.

To provide the highest standards of patient care, the strongest supports in the community and create the ideal environment for patients with seizures and epilepsy to flourish throughout their lifetime.

Our commitment to education, epilepsy research and developing the next generation of physicians specialized in the care of those affected by seizures and epilepsy is unwavering.