Transition Program

Young patients with epilepsy can be overwhelmed when they are required to leave the family centered approach of a children’s hospital to transfer to a more patient centered approach of an adult hospital.

We are proud to offer a dynamic transition program, established between pediatric and adult hospitals in our city, that leads to a seamless entry into the adult stream of care.

Fortunately, our adult and pediatric programs organize the transfer of young adults with epilepsy in a coordinated and complementary fashion. CHEO has a fully integrated transition program to help their patients acquire the necessary skills to become independent and experts at managing their disorder over time.

When the time comes to transfer over to the adult side, the adult providers will have already reviewed the pediatric medical chart from CHEO and devised a plan to help manage their seizures ahead of their first meeting, ensuring a positive experience for all involved. When youth turn 18, they must move from care at CHEO to care in the adult health care system.

All physicians in the adult hospital are credentialed at CHEO and can access the pediatric medical chart at any time.

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